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Should You Remodel or Move? At some point you’re going to come to the realization that your current home just isn’t getting the job done for you. Houses are major investments and quickly become homes, so leaving them is not always the easiest thing. And sometimes, it’s not practical to move, so we find ourselves [...]

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Extreme Homes

Would You Buy a Haunted House? With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to take a look at things that go bump in the night.   So, just imagine this: Your family is looking for a new home in a better school district, but so far nothing in your price range [...]

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Home Technology

Why Smart Houses Will Rule the Future You probably have a smart phone, so why not have a smart house? As wireless technology has improved and as processing power has become more powerful and cheaper, many ordinary household appliances and houses themselves are becoming interconnected. But where’s the fun in just having your fridge connected [...]

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Home Design (Exterior)

The Disappearing Regional Home Design Once upon a time the kind of home you lived in was almost exclusively dictated by the region of the country you lived in. It makes perfect sense; at one point air conditioning and central heating weren’t available or even invented, so the construction of your home had to take [...]

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Home Loans

Your Most Common Home Loan Options   Unless you’ve been squirrelling away cash for a good chunk of your life or hit the lotto, chances are you’re going to have to get a home loan to buy your house. Long gone are the “Wild West” days of lending that went down during the real estate [...]

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Rent vs. Buy

Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Home?   Buying a home has always been part of the American dream, but isn’t necessarily the smartest financial move for you? Like many things in life, the answer is… it depends. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and when it comes to a giant financial decision like buying a [...]

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How to Use Eco-Friendly Landscaping   Everyone wants a nice green yard that is the envy of all the neighbors, but there are some unfortunate environmental consequences to maintaining landscaping like that. As our society learns the true price of our landscaping choices, many are looking to find eco-friendly solutions that still look good. Landscaping [...]

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Home selection and design

How Much Home do You Really Need?   If buying a home is one of the hallmarks of the American Dream, then buying a large home is the supposed calling card of success. Many people equate a large, opulent house with being successful in life and thus strive to keep getting bigger and bigger houses. [...]

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Moving and Organizing

Drastically Improve Life by Cutting the Clutter   If you’re looking to buy or sell a home chances are you have a move in your future. While most people hate the process of packing everything, getting it to the new place and then unpacking it again, look at your move as a chance to clean [...]

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Where to live?

City vs. Suburbs – Where Do You Want to Live?   Ever since the explosion of suburbs in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the debate has raged about where it’s better to live. But as communities evolve and the landscape of our nation changes, the arguments for both sides are getting stronger. Where we choose to [...]

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