What is the Difference Between Real Estate Agent and a Broker?

When you start looking for a house you’re going to interact with real estate professionals with all kinds of titles. Many people assume that these titles are interchangeable but that is just not true. 

There is a hierarchy of real estate agents and a variety of requirements to reach each professional level. Buying or selling a house will most likely be the biggest financial transaction you ever are involved in. So, when it comes to finding, negotiating and handling all of the paperwork and red tape, you want to know that your real estate professional is on the up and up. 

California has set up a series of requirements to do their best to make sure that real estate professionals handle your transaction with openness, honesty and professionalism. Yes, there will always be some shady real estate professionals that slip through the cracks. However, for the most part when you deal with a licensed real estate professional you know you’re getting someone that will handle your business to the best of their abilities. 

Agents vs. Brokers

In the real estate world, there are two major groups of professionals; agents and brokers. 

Real estate agents are licensed real estate sales people. They can give you real estate advice and help you buy or sell a property. However, they cannot work independently though. Real estate agents must work under the supervision of a broker. 

In California, you must meet the following requirements to be a real estate agent:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Successfully completed three college level courses in real estate (135 hours)
  • Pass the salesperson’s exam

A real estate broker is the next step up from real estate agent. A broker’s license is required to work by yourself in California. Brokers can work by themselves and perform all of the duties that the real estate agent can but they can also employ real estate agents and associate brokers. 

Brokers are responsible for the actions of the agents they employ. So, it’s in their interest to keep an eye on the dealings of their agents and sign off on every deal. 

In order to be a real estate broker in California, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Either have a four year degree from an accredited college/university or a minimum of two years full-time licensed real estate salesperson experience. 
  • Successfully completed eight college level courses
  • Pass the written state exam

Not all Brokers/Agents are Equal

There are good mechanics and bad mechanics. There are amazing chefs and horrible chefs that shouldn’t even be allowed to work at Del Taco. Likewise, there are great real estate professionals, ok ones and bad ones. 

Just because we all passed the same test and took the same courses doesn’t mean we’re all the same. Those are the basic requirements to work in this field but what really creates the difference between us is how much we look after our client’s needs. 

How much your agent or broker is willing to hustle and go the extra mile for you can mean a lot when it comes to your results. Listening and truly understanding your needs can make the difference between a great real estate experience and a subpar one. 

If you’re looking for a great agent, look no further!

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