5 Painting Don’ts

In an earlier post (link) we discussed some vital “Dos” when it comes to painting. But just like anything else in life, sometimes it’s more about what you don’t do that decides the outcome.

Painting is no different. There are a couple of big no-no’s you should be aware of before you dive into painting your home. Make sure you follow these rules if you want your painting adventure to make your house look amazing:

DON’T rush – Painting is not a race so take your time. Yes, painting can be tedious and there are some (this author included) who would rather spend a day in a leech pond than painting but that doesn’t mean you need to speed through the process.

Be patient. Take your time taping off areas that are not going to be painted. Go slowly around the edges of the space you are painting. Make sure you cover all areas equally and properly. Set aside a whole day for painting and you won’t be as pressured to get it done within a shorter time frame.

DON’T paint out of order – If you’re painting a whole room, make sure you start with the ceiling. Then you should move to the walls, doors, any additional woodwork and then the floor, if it’s being painted. This order also applies if you’re redoing the floor, not just painting it. The flooring should be the last thing that goes in.

DON’T paint over wallpaper – Ok, that seems like a no brainer, but when faced with a house lined with wallpaper it’s tempting to just want to skip the tedium of wallpaper removal and start painting. Wallpaper removal doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. The best way is to get it off with a steamer or paper removing chemical. If the wallpaper is old and won’t come off easy, start by removing the loosest pieces then sand and wipe the rest of the wall down with a tack cloth. After the wall paper has been removed, prime the wall and begin your painting.

DON’T keep the room closed – If the paint fumes are driving you nuts, you might want to close off the painted room to stop the spread of the fumes. But, the quickest way to get rid of the paint smell is to open the doors and windows and let the ventilation do its job. Not only will it keep you from losing more brain cells than needed but it will also speed along the drying process.

DON’T move stuff back in too soon – Underestimating the time it will take for the paint to dry is a huge mistake. The paint might feel dry to the touch and not come off the wall but it may not be entirely dry. You should give it a whole twenty four hours to dry. After that, your next milestones will be two weeks to a month. That’s when you can feel good about washing or wiping down the walls.