Even More Awesome Technology for Your Home

No matter how you slice it, technology is fun. Ok, technology is fun besides when you get the blue screen of death on your laptop or your iPhone can’t seem to handle a short, refreshing swim in the toilet.

But besides that, technology is a blast and the more we can integrate it into our homes the better.   Earlier, we touched on some fun new uses for technology that are finding their way into more homes or will be soon. But that was just the tip of the iceberg and we wanted to share even more.

These new technologies range from the conceptual to the “you can buy it now on Amazon”. If it’s not here it yet, you will be able to get it soon and up your tech game.

Here are some of our favorite new technologies that make houses homes that are a lot more cool:

Ceiling Light Speakers

Canned lights (those small circular lights set into your ceiling as opposed to hanging down) make any room look a lot more elegant. And while elegant is nice and all, sometimes you need a little more.

And that is where ceiling light speakers come in. Some people smarter than me have found a way to integrate wireless speakers into these lights. These wireless speakers screw in like light bulbs and are controlled by a master system. You can even play different music in different areas of your house.

Music from your ceiling… the future is now!

Smart Grid Appliances

The joys of the Internet include more than real time updates from your cousin about what she just had for lunch or your friend from third grade’s opinion on who should win Dancing with the Stars. Wireless technology and more mobile devices than you can shake a stick at allow us to control pretty much anything from anywhere.

A new generation of appliances comes with the ability to connect to the Internet and each other. So, next time you forget to start the dryer, you can hop on your smartphone and start it remotely. Or, if you need to preheat your oven on the way home you can do that too.

Additionally, devices can connect to each other to maximize energy and water use and not run during peak utility hours. This will cut down on your utility costs as well as help reduce strain on the grid.

Virtual Views

Remember when your brother-in-law got that huge 3D TV and made everyone sit around with goggles on? Yeah, that is Fischer Price level stuff compared to virtual views.

Virtual views are basically extremely large HD LCD monitors that are embedded on windows or ceilings. The finished product is a sort of “digital window” that allows you to look out (or up) on anything you want. You can be in Austin, but look out your window and see the Paris skyline. You can be lying on your back on your bed, but look up and see the foliage changing colors in front of blue skies.

Eventually technology like this will be used to create entire rooms that simulate different environments, which will revolutionize entertainment and design all at once. For now, virtual views are strictly in the Jay-Z, Russian oil tycoon level of baller, but give it time.