Sell Your Home Quicker with These 3 Organizational Tips

There are generally two types of people in this world:

  1. People are love to organize things, have a labeled bin for everything and have a chart saved in 3 different places to find that knick knack they are looking for.
  2. Normal people…

Not to make fun of our OCD organizing obsessed friends or anything, but most people just do not have the time or desire to keep things that organized. If you live by yourself, chances are you have a good idea about where something is because you were the last one to put it there. For example, I knew which pile of clothes was dirty and which was clean and where my lucky Raiders shirt was located so I could find it in time for the game.

But once you start involving other people into your life, things could be put in a variety of places. My wife, for example, thinks that batteries, medicine and spices should all be located next to each other. It makes no sense to you or me, but she knows exactly where to find something. Once kids get included into this equation, you can pretty much throw all logic out of the window. They will hide things in places that even they can’t remember and you’ll never find it again.

So, in order to keep things from disappearing into that alternate dimension where all lost left socks go, you’ll need to implement some sort of organizational system. When it comes to selling your home, you need to have one of these in place as well anyways because:

  • A less cluttered house will sell a lot quicker because they come off as more spacious and better looking
  • When you finally go to move, it will be much easier to find all of your stuff and get it from one place to another
  • Unpacking and setting up your new home will go much easier and you won’t want to slam your head into a brick wall because you have no idea where your couch’s throw pillows are.

Here’s 3 quick and simple organizational tips to help you make life a little easier and get you moving faster:

Labeled Storage Bins

For the organizational nerd in all of us, there are storage bins of endless variety that can be used to store everything you can imagine. The best bins are ones that you can easily see into or through and that you can easily label.

These can be put to best use for kids toys, dvds/blu-rays, video games, board games, clothes and all of those things that take up space in your junk drawer. Some people even make additional room in areas like their pantries, refrigerators and freezers by using storage bins there. Use these in main living spaces where you need to easily access the stored goods. Use closed and larger storage bins in closets and under beds for things you don’t need to access (like off season clothes).

No Closets, No Problem

If you’re lacking closets in certain rooms but need to find storage and not make it cramped looking, then it’s time to check out armoires. These stylish pieces of furniture make it possible to add storage in your house where the structure doesn’t allow any.

Again, don’t forget to keep them organized and orderly because potential buyers do have a habit of peeking inside to see how much space is really available.

Office and Paperwork

Mail, bills, projects and work stuff have a nasty habit of seeping into your living spaces. Paper stacking only goes so far and to the outside buyer, it looks like your house can’t handle all the stuff life throws its way.

Make sure to have plenty of spaces to file papers, keep bills and separate work stuff from personal stuff. If they are all in one place, your buyers won’t get a bad impression of your home.