Here are the things to look out for when preparing your home for sale:

1. Clean your home.

Windows washed, fixtures and appliances sparkling, carpets and floors cleaned, garage and storage areas tidy. Everything looks better when it’s clean. Buyers don’t pay top dollar for dirt.

2. Do not personalize your home.

Keep it neutral. Replace your personal taste with a neutral palette. Buyers will be able to visualize their own taste better if they don’t have to see through yours. Use a few small items such as a vase of flowers, dish of fruit or pillows on the couch to add color or texture. Most of all keep all painted walls following earth tone colors. To achieve top dollar for your home add a fresh coat of paint inside and out, it enhances its curb appeal.

3. De Clutter your home.

Clutter makes a property look smaller and personal items distract buyers. Consider that a single person may have trouble visualizing themselves in a home filled with children’s toys; likewise a family may not be able to see itself in a fully tricked out bachelor pad.

4. Enhance the fragrance in your home.

Cigarette smoke or last night’s dinner does not improve the desirability of your property. Air your home out before showings and use mild or unscented room fresheners to keep it smelling fresh (strongly scented air fresheners may have the opposite effect so be careful here).

5. Keep it warm and inviting.

Turn the heat and lights on before showings — buyers shouldn’t be running to their car to warm up and light is an important quality. Buyers should feel very comfortable when they are looking at your home; if they don’t they are less likely to imagine themselves being comfortable there.

If you don’t have the time, or just want to trust a professional call California Premier Real Estate and we will give you a free consultation upon what you should do to make your home stand out from the rest to bring a quicker sell and top dollar.