Why Smart Houses Will Rule the Future

You probably have a smart phone, so why not have a smart house? As wireless technology has improved and as processing power has become more powerful and cheaper, many ordinary household appliances and houses themselves are becoming interconnected.

But where’s the fun in just having your fridge connected to the Internet and at your cell phone’s whim and mercy? The next big thing in home technology is having a fully integrated house that takes on many of the simple functions of daily living.

That is basically what a smart house is. The home, its appliances and gadgets are all controlled by a central processing unit that then manipulates highly advanced automatic systems like lighting, temperature control, entertainment, security, window and door operations and tons of others.

Meet George Jetson

Yes inner child, we’re getting closer to living the life of the Jetsons. The flying cars may take a while still, but we can at least start to live a space aged life within our homes and with the appliances we own.

In a smart house, the computer system can monitor countless aspects of daily life and use it’s connectivity with the appliances and the Internet to automate many things we have to do ourselves. For example:

  • The refrigerator could scan its contents and then suggest meals for you to cook or even automatically order groceries that are running low or are about to expire.
  • By simply accessing your smart phone app, you could monitor your home through its security cameras. Or, if a sensor was tripped while the alarm was activated, a call would be placed to your phone and the authorities, while letting you view what’s going on in your house
  • The blinds would automatically close and open to help keep the house at an optimal temperature while using the least amount of energy
  • Your appliances could work together to run only during off peak hours to save energy and money
  • Did you forget to shut the oven off? Doesn’t matter, check it out on your phone and find out for sure.

Hacker Proof

I know the utter hell I went through the last time my laptop got a virus, so I could only imagine if my house “got infected” and started going haywire. There’s a sci-fi movie idea in here somewhere… but I digress.

While smart homes use ample use of wireless technology and are also connected to the Internet, there are several fail safes that would keep bad programs out. Besides standard anti-virus technology and firewalls, the house itself could be wired through the physical structure to communicate. Much like the power or gas flows through the house, so would the trillions of gigabytes of information.

Upgrades Available

If you don’t plan to build a new house anytime soon, don’t fret. You can still get your hands on smart house technology. As this technology continues to spread and becomes more accepted by the masses, companies will sell upgrade kits to retrofit older homes.

Just think, one day your grandkids will ask, “Grandpa, did you really have to manually empty cat litter boxes and water plants? You actually went to the store and bought groceries?”