The New Technology Your Next Home Needs

Technology continues to evolve and become more integrated in our lives. More and more, we’re seeing products and technologies specifically aimed at altering how we live and function in our homes.

We’re all for cool gadgets and fun technology, so we say, “Bring it on!” We’re ready for the future now, so we went and found some of the coolest new home related technology.

Here are some of our favorites:

Heated Driveways

Heated floors have been around for a while and are especially nice in cold climates and cold flooring material (think bathroom tile in winter… in Buffalo). The same idea is now being used to heat driveways and even gutters.

This means no more shoveling driveways during winter! You just crank up the heat and watch the snow and ice melt away.

Robot Vacuums… with Lasers!

Robot vacuums are not new by any means. The Roomba has been rolling around houses for years now, sucking up whatever they come across.

These machines, which bring us one step closer to Rosie from The Jetsons, work on a basic principle: go in a straight line until you bump into something and then go a different direction. But the next generation of smart robot vacuums uses lasers to map out the room.

These maps then allow it to remember where it has been, what has been cleaned and what needs to be cleaned. Even better, when it is done cleaning, it knows to return itself to its home base to recharge.

Thermal Imaging Guns

Utility companies and professional contractors have been able to look into your walls with powerful imaging guns for years now. These guns give an inside look at your walls, so a professional can see potential issues with electrical systems, plumbing and energy loss.

Now the technology that used to be so expensive it was only for the pros, is now cheap enough for average Joes. For about $50, you can take thermal pictures of your walls, windows, doors and roof to see where your house is losing energy. More complex systems that let you see everything inside the walls start at about $1,500, but that is down from around $5,000 a few years ago.

Portable Ethanol Fireplaces

If your house didn’t come with a fireplace and chimney, your options were pretty limited when it came to installing a fireplace. You could either install a gas fireplace and deal with all kinds of holes in your walls and pipework or go electric.

But now, companies are making small, portable fireplaces powered by small ethanol tanks. These fireplaces are not only green, but are amazingly cool. Some furniture builders are even including them in coffee tables and making it so they can pop out on demand!

Sun Tunnels

Not every room in your house can enjoy the natural light and ambiance of a skylight. Sometimes the attics above are blocked or there are other obstructions in the way. But now with the new technology of sun tunnels, that is a thing of the future.

Now any room that you want to get some natural light into, you can. That includes closets, bathrooms or even laundry rooms. Sun tunnels are flexible tubes that can direct sun light around attic obstructions and deliver it to virtually any room you want.

The best thing about these new technologies is that you don’t need to buy a new home to get your hands on them. While many new homes are coming with improved technology and fun gadgets, a lot of these can be bought and used for your existing home.