What Does the Color of Your Home Say About You?


When we come across a color we love, we’re drawn to it and want to surround ourselves with it. But have you ever stopped and asked why you love burnt orange so much or why sky blue makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

We chose colors for reasons that are deeply engrained in us and beyond our conscious understanding. There are professionals that make their living off choosing colors for signs, food packaging and all kinds of corporate design work. Yes, companies are manipulating you with color every day… just accept it and move on.

So, what does your color palette say about you? Read on to find out what leading color experts think:


Do you know that feeling when you drink an extra cup of coffee/can of red bull in the morning? Well, if you paint your home yellow, then that surge of energy sums up your personality. Your high energy and goal orientated mind set inspires others and your bold choice of colors says that you like to make your own rules.

Big bird must have been a real go getter…


Blue is one of the most popular colors used in design. It is considering calming and provides a sense of security. It is also preferred by men usually.

Blue is usually considered a pretty “no-nonsense” color according to experts. This comes through in the attitudes of people who dominate their color selections with blue. The color is also considered to increase productivity, so a lot of offices are decorated with it.

Light Green

Light green shades like Celadon usually indicate the color chooser is a good listener, has real compassion for those around them and can allow others to express themselves.

Green has strong ties to nature in our minds and can induce tranquility. The calming effect is a nice design touch and can make your visitors feel welcome and safe.

Bright Pink

Pink is definitely in your face and there are few people who are middle of the road on it. But if you’re a lover of pink, then experts say you’re the type that loves to seek out new experiences and surround themselves with new things.

Pink isn’t for nurseries and little girls anymore. If you want to express the tempestuous side with your interior color choice, then bright pink is the way to go.


Brown is a staple of design in most modern design schemes. Between lighter shades that offend no one to dark, deep browns that make a statement, brown has a place in every living space.

Color experts say that if you like brown you are more likely to keep your obligations seriously and are very industrious. It also says that you respect those close to you and value their trust.


While black might conjure up ideas of darkness and evil, people who decorate with black are nothing of the sort. Color experts say that users of dramatic black in their living spaces are elegant, comfortable with formal settings, complex and even a bit mysterious.