How we will take care of you as your Agent:

  1. Do a walk through of your property to asses value and condition of your home.
  2. Do a price Comparative Market Analysis of your home.
  3. Have a inspection done to determine defects in your home that can effect your value.
  4. Make recommendations to increase value and sale time of your home.
  5. Advertise your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  6. Advertise your home in Craigslist.
  7. Advertise your home on Google
  8. Advertise your home on
  9. Hold open house’s to show case the beauty of your home to perspective buyers.
  10. We will arrange showing of your home to other agents and brokers.
  11. We will pre-screen all buyers who are interested in your home.
  12. We will interview all buyer lenders to make sure all paper work for the buyers loan is in order.
  13. We will negotiate the contract to purchase your home from the buyer.
  14. We will arrange inspections needed by buyer to complete the sale of your home.
  15. We will quickly return your call.
  16. We will apply 20 years worth of real estate and mortgage loan experience to sell your home.
  17. If necessary we will advertise your home to local and foreign investors.
  18. We will advertise your home to all cash buyers from other countries.
  19. If necessary we will bring in a Home Stager, to professionally stage your home.
  20. We will regularly update you on the activity of your home.
  21. If necessary we will have contractors repair or upgrade your home to increase its value.
  22. We will advertise your home directly to other brokers and agents in your area.
  23. We will have multiple pictures taken of your home for brochures and Internet advertising.
  24. We will place a for sale sign in your yard to get more exposure to sell your home.
  25. Have your home photographed for a Virtual Tour.
  26. We will advertise your home on Facebook.
  27. We will list your house on Zillow.
  28. We will list your house on Redfin.
  29. We will list your house for sale on Yahoo.
  30. We will list your house for sale on Home Finder.
  31. We will create color flyers for your home.