: Would You Buy a Haunted House?

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to take a look at things that go bump in the night.   So, just imagine this:

Your family is looking for a new home in a better school district, but so far nothing in your price range has been right. Then you find it; an older home in a great location. Maybe it needs a little TLC, but for the price, you can afford it. The sellers are motivated and give in to all of your requests without putting up a fight! Life is great!

Then you start to notice things…

Your keys aren’t in the same place you left them and nobody claims to have moved them. You see shadows out of the corner of your eye. You start to hear creaks… or are those footsteps? The neighbors won’t come over and neighborhood kids avoid your house like the plague. And you can’t shake the feeling that someone… is … watching… you.

Your Breaking Point

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, what is your breaking point when a spooky house becomes not worth the deal you’re getting on it?

According to a new poll on MSN Real Estate, when asked if they would consider buying a house that was deemed “spooky” or “haunted” people said:

  • No: 38%
  • Maybe: 36%
  • Yes: 26%

Apparently, most people are open to at least considering dealing with the supernatural to get a deal on a house. When asked what would kill a sale, respondents said:

  • Levitating objects: 75%
  • Objects moved from where they were placed: 63%
  • Ghost sightings: 63%
  • Strange noises: 60%

You have to be a pretty hard core real estate investor to watch objects levitate and still think you got a killer deal!

Niche Market?

While dealing with the supernatural isn’t a run of the mill experience most real estate buyers come across, there is a small group who actually seek these houses out.

According to the same survey, 12% of those polled said they would pay full market value or more for a home that was considered haunted. It leads credence to the old motto… “there is a butt for every seat.”

Even if you have a haunted house on your hands, there is still hope. They might not be pounding down your door, but chances are there are people out there who want your spooky home.

Do we Have to Tell?

Most states have laws about disclosing whether or not someone has died in the house when you sell it. The laws differ by state and include a variety of scenarios about what you have to disclose when you sell a home (death, what type of death etc), but so far there are none that cover the paranormal.

No matter how you slice it or what you believe, there will be “haunted” homes for sale. If you don’t do your homework and bring a psychic along with you during the walk through, you may find out the hard way.

Happy Halloween!